Friday, December 10, 2010

How So Together Got Started

Many years ago, Amy was in the field of Nursing up in Connecticut, when a patient's family asked her to help them after their mother had passed.    Amy agreed to meet the family on her day off and when the family members had asked if Amy could prepare the home for resale, she accepted the HUGE job.    Within two weeks the estate was emptied and a crew of contractors were in the home, painting, pulling carpet and putting in new floors.    When all was done, Amy passed the keys over to the families Real Estate agent and the home was sold later that month.   

The concept of So Together was born and from that moment on, Amy did everything she could to market the business and help other families.    While Amy holds degrees in Business and Nursing, she has always had an entreprenual spirit and has been able to help her clients with any job.    So Together has been actively moving, packing and unpacking clients for over 14 years.    When the business was first born it was founded in Connecticut, then as the years passed and the clients families called from other parts of the East Coast, the business then moved to the DC Metro area.    There Amy positioned herself in several 55+ communities to help the elderly and their families with moves that would otherwise overwhelm most.  So Together's main focus is to make the move as smooth as possible and to unpack you so that when you come home it looks very similiar to your old residence.    We always want our clients to feel at home whether in a colonial or in a 2 bedroom apartment. 

So Together's mission statement is to "always treat the client with the utmost respect and honor all of their wishes".    This attention to her clients has made Amy very popular and in demand.    Traveling all over the United States, she has moved not only the elderly but many of their friends and family that are young working professionals.    She has organized, decluttered, made appointments for contractors and donations, as well as,  set up their homes for business and family entertaining.     Bottom line, Amy loves people and adores work.   No job is ever considered too big!!!

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